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Hologram: The Abduction of Hui-Chien Song – Free Today!

Hologram: The Abduction of Hui-Chien Song
Today's Free Kindle eBook: Hologram: The Abduction of Hui-Chien Song
As a cadet with the Arizona Highway Patrol, Hui-Chien got hands-on experience and some street-cred with the officers while she worked toward a degree in criminal justice. Homicide Detective was her goal—until a blistering hot August day when a routine dispatch to a traffic accident changed her life forever.A white prison van with dark, tinted windows and a smashed-up front end sat in the ditch.Two male convicts started up the embankment, heading toward the patrol car.Hui-Chien swallowed hard; they were almost on her. The gun. Get the gun. Heart slamming, Hui-Chien reached for the weapon and froze as the door squeaked open.Yanked backwards by her collar, a thick arm covered in tatts plucked her from the car and held her up like a rabbit pulled from a hat. “Hey, Hasan, look what I found!” The giant convict let out a hearty laugh. “It’s a little girl cop.” He squinted at the patch on her shoulder and chuckled. “A little cop-cadet.”She was in trouble. Big trouble.

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Hologram: The Abduction of Hui-Chien Song - Free Today!

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