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A Little Lost A Little Found (The Little Sisters – Free eBook!

A Little Lost A Little Found (The Little Sisters
Today's Free Kindle eBook: A Little Lost A Little Found (The Little Sisters Book 1)
Book 2 Out Now at Little, was born Luxy Ara Starr. The daughter to superstar singer Knyte Starr and her Australian mum, Mary. But tragedy stuck and the Starr family fell apart as life took a very different path when her twin brother was kidnapped from the cradle. Jace Neilis torn up with his own less substantial but equally worrying problems. His business was in trouble and the millions attached to it was up for grabs to the nearest financers unless Jace did what Richard Reeves bid and married his sister. Yet the burn of desire only ever ignites for Lucy. Will Jace give in and turn away from his lustful interest in his best friend Lucy or will he tell his other friend, Richard, that Lucy was off bounds to all but himself. Explore the love triangle between three friends in this lucious tale.

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A Little Lost A Little Found (The Little Sisters - Free eBook!

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