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Kindle Freebie: The Fifth Juror: A Women of Redemption Suspense Thriller

The Fifth Juror: A Women of Redemption Suspense Thriller
Today's Free Kindle eBook: The Fifth Juror: A Women of Redemption Suspense Thriller
The trial ended years ago, but her nightmare is just beginning. “The ending was unpredictable. Definitely a great read…” – A Lawrence“Intriguing from the very first page…” – K Crowell“This book did not disappoint!” – H WattFormer juror Jess Dawson is facing a difficult time in her life, raising an autistic son and navigating a failing marriage, when her past service as a juror on a high-profile death penalty case comes back to haunt her. Mikael Kriskan, a young Russian the jury sentenced to death for killing his adoptive American parents one cold Colorado night, is nearing his execution date when the foreman of their jury and his wife are found dead, killed in the same manner as Kriskan’s parents.Then, a second juror appears to commit suicide and leaves a disturbing note to his fellow jurors attached to his chest: KJ - do the right thing. Only Jess knows the true meaning of the message but as others begin to suspect the truth, Jess quickly finds herself in the crosshairs of Kriskan’s prosecutor, also her lover, who’s intent on executing Kriskan, and members of the Russian mob, who are hell bent on returning the genius Kriskan to his Russian roots. The choice they give former juror Jess Dawson seems easy: Kill Mikael, kill her son. Save Mikael, save her son. But in a case where the post-conviction appeals have run out, the impact the truth will have upon her family is dire, and the lives of her fellow jurors are equally at stake—this choice will be anything but easy.A nail-biting suspense thriller that is part of the Women of Redemption Series, books that feature women who may not be perfect, but perfectly kick-ass when given a second chance. Be one of the first to discover this new series! !Interview with the AuthorQ - So, what makes the Women of Redemption books special?A – I think it really boils down to the characters. When I write, I let the characters tell me who they are, and what I discover is that like any of us, they wrestle with the challenges life throws at them in a varied manner. The emotions they experience are real – anger, betrayal, hurt, grief, guilt – and the choices they make as a result – whether revenge, vengeance, or just turning a blind eye - may not be good or right, but they’re human, and people make mistakes. The question facing each in the end, is what will they do to make the wrong right?Q – You like to throw your strong female protagonists into some impossible situations. Why is that?A – I’ve always liked books about ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances. I believe people often find the best in themselves when faced with the worst. I want readers to put themselves in these women’s shoes, and think… What if I discovered the man I found guilty of murder was innocent and I was the one responsible for securing his death sentence? How far would I go to get justice if I was kidnapped and the perpetrators responsible were never punished? What would I do if I found out the woman I most respected was taking justice into her own hands? Q – These books seem to cross genre boundaries, a bit mystery, suspense, and thriller.A – I think all authors like to create books that mirror the kind of books they like to read. My top picks are usually serial killer thrillers, psychological thrillers, private detectives, and any number of thriller and mystery best sellers. I love a fast-paced style that keeps me on the edge of my seat. As a result, I think my books tend to take a part from each genre – a bit “whodunit”, some “don’t open that door”, add a few high stakes and blend them together...Q - So, why should a reader check out your books?A - Because you'll love the page-turning action! Thanks for reading!

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Kindle Freebie: The Fifth Juror: A Women of Redemption Suspense Thriller

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FREE Box of Deluxe Samples!

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